A Brief Introduction of Gongqing College of Nanchang University

日期:2019/06/18 13:31

Gongqing College of Nanchang University, was established in 1985 by Nanchang University and Gongqing Development Zone. Comrade Hu Yaobangformer General Secretary of CCCPCautographed the name of the college. In 2002, the school was approved by Jiangxi Provincial Government and the Education Department to found a attached college of Nanchang University, keeping the name of Gongqing College of Nanchang University. In the year of 2003, Gongqing College of Nanchang University was approved by the Ministry of Education to be an independent college. It is located in Gongqing Opening Development Zone, Jiangxi. The college occupies a total area of more than 1680 Chinese Mu. Total construction area, such as the office buildings, students’ dormitories, dining canteens, activity centers is more than 210 thousand square meters and its equipments are fairly enough for the living and teaching of 13,000 people. There are 3447 undergraduates , and 5997 junior college students (belong to Nanchang University Higher Vocational and Technical College). The beautiful scenery and pleasant environment is very suitable for teaching and learning .

Taking the comprehensive teaching advantages of Nanchang University, the school sets up disciplines according to the requirements of the trends of modern science and technology development and local social economical development. There are 7 departments: Department of Computer Science and Technology, Department of Engineering Technology, Department of Economics and Commerce, Department of Business Administration, English and Chinese Language and Literature Department , Department of Arts and Humanities and Continuing Education Center. There are 10 undergraduate majors out of all the disciplines. They are : Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Economicsfinance field, International Economy and TradeBusiness Administration, Accounting, English, Chinese Language and Literature, Industrial Design.

Gongqing College of Nanchang University holds firm to the teaching ideas of conducting people-satisfied education. The motto of “unity, diligence, practical-mind, creativity”, all of which will contribute to achieve the goal of cultivating creative, all-rounded, major-sounded, high practice, quality-comprehensive and social satisfied applied and inter-disciplinary special talents.

The college attaches great importance to improve teaching quality, enhance basic courses teaching and center on cultivating students’ creativity and practice ability. The college has actively motivated and organized students to participate in all kinds of college scientific and cultural activities and the students have constantly gained great achievement in national and provincial competition. Since 2005, students of our college participate in CCTV Cup English Speaking Contest, National English Contest for College (NECC), National University Students Advertising Art Competition, National College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest, ITAT Skill Competition. Our college won more than 100 national and provincial awards in these high level competitions.

The college has a good academic atmosphere and holds colorful extra-curricular recreational activities and science and technology activities which has outstanding achievements. High comprehensive quality graduates are favored by the employers and dozens of them pass postgraduate entrance examination or taken as national civil servants.